X Artists' Books Brings León Ferrari's The Words of Others to PAMM


Taylor Estape writes about León Ferrari's "The Words of Others" for the Miami New Times:

"It's sometimes reassuring to see ourselves reflected in the world around us, even in depictions of the past or of cultures far and radically different from our own. Other times, it can feel overwhelming and inescapable, part of a never-ending cycle of rehashed power dynamics and existential crises. With a limitless source of information to scroll through, having yet another reminder of how we're barreling toward hell in a gold lamé hand basket just seems, well, cruel.

At first glance, León Ferrari's new exhibit at Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM), "The Words of Others: León Ferrari and Rhetoric in Times of War," appears to be one of these painful reminders. The Argentine artist spent the majority of his career addressing the complicity of religious institutions, bureaucracy, and the media in the proliferation of toxic ideologies, such as Nazi-era fascism or U.S. imperialism. The content isn't dissimilar to what we might find on our Twitter feeds today. But that's not what interests Alexandra Grant, one of the founders of X Artists Books, the publisher that released the first full English translation of Ferrari's The Words of Others last September." Read more here.

Alexandra Grant