Los Angeles Magazine: "Keanu Reeves Is Publishing Books That Are Beautiful, Socially Conscious, and Worth Your Time"


"Sex, drugs, books, runs, herbs, rhythmic breathing—High Winds tries them all, but still sleep eludes him.

High Winds is the title character in trans playwright and multimedia artist Sylvan Oswald’s loosely narrative, poetic art book. Sleeplessness is a theme throughout. In the book’s appendix, the author supplies an alphabetical list of more remedies for weary insomniacs, among them Ambien, Ativan, cannabis (Indica), ear plugs, eye masks, herbal tea, hypnosis, meditation, melatonin, and warm milk.

High Winds is a small, pastel-hued book with sunset-inspired geometric graphic designs by L.A.-based artist Jessica Fleischmann and pithy, all-caps text by Oswald. It is one of four books released last year by the new L.A.-based publisher X Artists’ Books (XAB). On Tuesday, February 27, Oswald will appear alongside XAB co-founders Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves at the Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever for a PEN USA event featuring readings, projections of artwork from the books, and a moderated conversation. (Sadly, the event is sold out.)" Read more here.

Image: Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves with an image from their book Shadows. Photo by Tim Wilson. 

Alexandra Grant