XAB author Sylvan Oswald wins Guggenheim Fellowship

Oswald HW video still.jpeg

X Artists' Books is pleased to announce that Sylvan Oswald has been awarded a 2019 Guggenheim Fellowship. Oswald is the author of High Winds, which he created with designer Jessica Fleischmann. High Winds is an adults’ picture book for sleepless nights in which High Winds, a trans man with insomnia, embarks on a phantasmagorical road trip through kaleidoscopic Western landscapes in search of his estranged half-brother. Oswald, a maker of plays, texts, publications and video, says he has long worked "in the cracks" between art forms. And we at XAB always thought there was something operatic about High Winds! So we are especially delighted that this award, in the field of Drama & Performance Art, reflects his performance adaptation of XAB's High Winds, among other projects. Congratulations, Sylvan!

We invite you to visit Oswald's website at sylvanoswald.xyz and see the full list of 2019 Guggenheim Fellows at gf.org

To learn more about High Windswww.xartistsbooks.com/books/high-winds

Image: Video still of Oswald performing in High Winds.